Concentration favors the creation of greater student autonomy through critical analysis of his preferred choice in practice. It also promotes theoretical and practical understanding of the relationship between artist, work, environment and public reception of art. This creative research can be disciplinary or interdisciplinary and affect both the visual arts and design, film, theater and digital art.

The concentration of teaching and to transfer to the target, the knowledge and skills to further support the transmission of knowledge through art and through art. Such transfer may take the form of teaching in the strict sense, or apply more broadly to different sizes of cultural activities. This creative research can be disciplinary or interdisciplinary and affect both the visual arts and cinema, design, theater and digital art. Two profiles are available: the profile of the basic science research focuses on teaching, training and applied research in the field of practical training more focused on the specific needs of the different sectors of intervention (school, museum and others) to answer.
Admission Requirements

Degree Programs

Hold a bachelor degree in visual arts, film, design, theater, arts education or digital arts, obtained with a GPA of at least 3.2 (on 4.3 ) or equivalent. Appropriate training or relevant experience may be considered equivalent to those requirements.

The candidate for the teaching and transmission option must demonstrate an interest in research or the creation in the field of transmission of knowledge about art in relation to the issues of training, interpretation and dissemination of various disciplines art, and art, through research projects.

List of universities in USA with low tuition & fees but with good rank

1.North Carolina State University
2.University of Wyoming
3.Utah State University
4.Louisiana State University
5.Montana State University
6.Wayne State University
7.California State University Long Beach
8.Minnesota State University, Mankato
9.San Diego State University

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